NOLO(北京凌宇智控科技有限公司) 是一家在移动VR/AR交互领域处于全球领先地位的科技公司,已获全球知名VC千万美元A轮投资。

NOLO全球首创了具有完全自主知识产权的声光电混合空间定位核心技术——PolarTraq™ ,它是目前世界上唯一能够同时满足“单基站、一对多、低成本、低功耗、高精度、高刷新率、高鲁棒性、大范围”的三维空间定位技术。全球专利布局基本完成,目前已获海内外有效专利80多件,其中发明专利37件。

NOLO的研发团队,基于PolarTraq™ 空间定位技术,研发出全球首个也是全球唯一的沉浸式VR/AR交互设备「NOLO CV1」,这是一款革命性的、面向大众消费者的VR硬件产品。「NOLO CV1」可以让世界上每一个人,只需用自己的手机就可以随时随地获得只有在HTC Vive、Oculus Rift、Sony PSVR等主机VR上才能获得的全沉浸式VR体验。「NOLO CV1」不仅具有主机VR无法企及的便携、易用性,而且价格只有主机VR的15%左右。

2017年1月,「NOLO CV1」首次亮相美国拉斯维加斯CES展,引起了VR行业的轰动。2017年6月,「NOLO CV1」正式量产发货,短短几个月内交付近万台产品至全球60多个国家的用户手中。2018年3月,全球首款全沉浸式移动VR应用平台「NOLO HOME」上线,这也是移动VR真正迈入全沉浸式时代的坚实一步。Facebook、Twitter、YouTube等用户阵地也已涌现了一批由NOLO用户和开发者组成的狂热粉丝。



NOLO Inc. is a leading technology company in the field of mobile VR/AR interaction. It secured US$10 million in Series A financing from world’s famous VC.

The NOLO dev team has independently conceived and patented their core technology PolarTraq™ , a spatial positional tracking system which fuses optic, acoustic and radio signals. This is the only positional tracking solution on the market today that can satisfy “single base station, one to many, low cost, low power consumption, high precision, high frequency, high robustness and large tracking range”. NOLO has obtained over 80 domestic and overseas patents, among which 37 are patents for invention.

Based on PolarTraq™ , NOLO dev team developed and already launched the world’s first 6-DoF mobile VR interaction device – NOLO CV1. It’s a VR hardware product for mass consumers. With exclusive portability, affordability and ease of use, NOLO CV1 enables everyone to enjoy the fully immersive VR experience, which was only available with HTC Vive/Oculus Rift/Sony PSVR and other PC VR before, through Android/iOS mobile phone anytime anywhere.

In January, 2017, 「NOLO CV1」made its first appearance at CES held in Las Vegas, which had received tremendous response in VR industry. NOLO officially began the mass production and international delivery in June, 2017. Around 10,000 NOLO products had arrived at consumers in 66 countries within several months. In March, 2018, NOLO HOME - the first fully immersive mobile VR application platform, was officially released, which marked the progress of entering the era of full immersive mobile VR. Now NOLO has a number of enthusiasts including users and developers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media.

NOLO has different levels of collaboration with dozens of global enterprises, including HUAWEI, Tencent, Netease, Intel, Jindong, China Mobile, NTT, Cyber Cloud, Baofeng Mojing, Carle Zeiss, Pimax, Deepoon, ANTVR, OSVR, Nibiru, Meta, Realmax, Shadow Creator, Ubisoft, etc. NOLO has also partnered with global E-commerce and offline sales groups like Amazon US, Amazon Japan, Jingdong, T-mall, GOME, Suning, Sundan, etc.

NOLO is dedicated to creating a bridge between immersive experience of PC VR and convenience of mobile VR; and redefining mobile VR interaction for the next generation.