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北京凌宇智控科技有限公司 是一家专注于人机交互的创新型公司,核心团队由中科院、哥大、北邮的博士硕士领衔。

目前,凌宇智控已研发出一套采用完全自主知识产权——「PolarTraq」空间定位技术的全沉浸式 VR/AR 交互产品 NOLO™ CV1,并致力于为所有 VR/AR 头盔提供标准化的全沉浸式输入设备。



NOLO™ 是北京凌宇智控科技有限公司旗下的全沉浸式 VR/AR 交互品牌。自主研发的产品 NOLO CV1 产品,包含 1 个定位基站、1 个头盔定位器及 2 个交互手柄。

NOLO™ CV1 能适配目前市面上主流的移动 VR 头盔、PC VR 头盔、一体机及 AR 头盔,为其提供空间定位与交互功能。用户首次使用时,仅需简单几步设置,即可实现在虚拟世界中真实的移动,以及通过交互手柄与虚拟世界中的事物进行多元化的互动。

LYRobotix Co., Ltd. is an innovative company that focuses on Human Computer Interaction. The core team of LYRobotix are graduates from well-known universities, both domestically and internationally, such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Columbia University and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

LYRobotix is committed to the development and democratization of advanced technologies, namely, having conceived and patented the PolarTraq Spatial Positioning Technology. Using PolarTraq, LYRobotix developed and is ready to launch its first product: NOLO™ Motion Tracking System, with the vision to provide fully immersive Mobile VR input device for the whole industry.


NOLO™ Motion Tracking System is the unique brainchild of LYRobotix, consisting of one base station, one headset marker and two controllers.

NOLO™ can be conducted on major mobile VR headsets, PC VR headsets, All-in-One VR headsets and AR headsets on the market, and offers them room-scale, 6-DOF motion tracking. With a few simple settings, users can freely explore and interact in the virtual world.