Use Cardboard to Play Mobile VR Games

Video Guide:YouTube

Step 1:  Download NOLO compatible Mobile VR Apps from NOLO HOME ( . Then install the Apps on your smartphone.

Step 2:  Take out the base station. Place it horizontally on a flat surface, facing the play area. The optimal height is at your shoulder level. Turn on the base station by pressing the power button.

Step 3:  Take the mount that fits your headset, and paste it in the middle on top of the headset using the double-sided adhesive tape. Take out the headset marker and insert it onto the mount.

Step 4:  Connect the headset marker to the smartphone via the USB OTG cable.

Step 5:  Run the VR Apps you want to use, and then insert your phone into the headset.

Step 6:  Place the headset horizontally on the floor within the tracking area. The distance between the base station and the player should be at least 2m (with no block in the middle). Press the pair button on the headset marker to set the head position.

Step 7:  Turn on the controllers by pressing the system button. Put on the headset (with headset marker mounted). With headset marker facing the base station and controllers pointing to the base station, double-click the system button on any controller to calibrate the orientation..

Step 8:  Now begin your adventure in Virtual Reality.