Use Cardboard to Play Mobile VR Games

Video Guide:YouTube

Step 1:Download NOLO compatible Mobile VR Apps from NOLO HOME ( . Then install the Apps on your smartphone.

Step 2:Take out the base station. Place it horizontally on a flat surface, facing the play area. The optimal height is at your shoulder level. Turn on the base station by pressing the power button.

Step 3:Take the mount that fits your headset, and paste it in the middle on top of the headset using the double-sided adhesive tape. Take out the headset marker and insert it onto the mount.

Step 4:Connect the headset marker to the smartphone via the USB OTG cable.

Step 5:Run the VR Apps you want to use, and then insert your phone into the headset.

Step 6:Turn on the controllers by pressing the system button. Put on the headset (with headset marker mounted). With headset marker and controllers facing the base station, double-click the system button on any controller to calibrate the orientation..

Step 7:Now begin your adventure in Virtual Reality.