SteamVR Mode


What headset is NOLO compatible with?

Most major VR headsets. We are also compatible with some all-in-one powered by NibiruOS and PC VRs (OSVR, PiMAX). As for PSVR and Oculus, it’s trickier since the platform is more closed.


What smartphones are compatible?

NOLO is compatible with major Android & iOS smartphones. However, we partner with RiftCat for the streaming of SteamVR games, and they do have some requirements on phones.

Incompatible phones (w/ following chipsets) as of 1/25/2017. This may change in the future. RiftCat is adding workarounds for things causing incompatibilities). Android 5.0+

  1. Kirin 620 chipset (e.g., Huawei Honor 4C, P8 Lite)
  2. Intel chipsets (e.g., Asus Zenfone 2)
  3. MediaTek Helio X10 (e.g. Redmi Note 2)

While RiftCat has done its best to make smartphones compatible, they cannot guarantee compatibility with all 12,000 Android device types on the market. You could certainly test out your hardware with the trial version of VRidge.

iOS Version: We partner with TrinusVR for the streaming of SteamVR games.


What is RiftCat?

RiftCat is a streaming software that we partner with to stream the SteamVR games from the PC to the smartphone screen.


What’s the PC requirement?

Minimum requirements:

OS: Windows 8.1 (AMD) or Windows 7 (NVidia)

CPU: i5-2500 equivalent or greater

System Memory: 4GB RAM or more

Video card: NVidia GeForce GTX 650 or greater with NVENC support or AMD Radeon 7750 or greater with VCE 1.0+ support

Connection: 2.4GHz WiFi router or USB 2.0 Cable


Is it possible to make playing SteamVR wireless?

Yes. RiftCat provides streaming service for both USB tethering and wireless (requires 5GHz WiFi). Currently, NOLO’s headset marker is connected to PC via USB. We are working on making the experiences completely wireless right now.


What games are compatible?

All SteamVR games are accessible. VRidge is designed to launch games made natively for VR. This software doesn’t turn normal games into VR games, unless those games have optional OpenVR/SteamVR support.


Cardboard & phone to play SteamVR

We use PC to run SteamVR games, and partner with RiftCat for streaming PC screen to the phone. NOLO serves as the motion controller.


Does NOLO work by doing all the tracking it self and the phone is just a display?

For Steam VR, you can choose to use NOLO for all the tracking. For Mobile VR, it depends on the SDK the developers use. Some of them already require the use of smartphone's rotational data.


Throwing problem

We had the throwing problem in an old version of our driver but we fixed it. Please try to uninstall the old NOLO driver completely in control panel and install the newest version.


The screen is shaking

If the screen was shaking, there might be these problems:

  1. The base station is running out of battery.
  2. There are some strong light interference.
  3. The devices were not paired correctly. Please try to do the pair steps first.

Also we added a visualizer to the NOLO driver. Please try to run it first and see if there is the same problem.


4-meter cable problem

  1. The problem could be the power supply is not enough for the 4-meter cable. Please try a powered USB Hub and see if there is still the same problem. Make sure to plug in the cable to the USB Hub first and then connect the Hub to the PC.
  2. The other problem could be the compatibility of Windows 7. Some of the Windows 7 users have this problem. If you are willing to upgrade the OS to Windows 10, the problem might be solved. Our dev team is also looking into the Windows 7 driver problem now.

Apology again for the inconvenience caused.


Phone overheating

Please check this video of Daydream District: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OahJ1NcAOEE.


Mobile VR Mode


What headset is NOLO compatible with?

Most major VR headsets, except for the old Gear VR.


What smartphones are compatible?

Most Android smartphones. (Potentially provide iPhone SDK for developers in the future).

Specific questions about GearVR:

Version w/ USB Port (Innovator edition, latest Gear VR 2)– works with NOLO

Version w/o USB Port – Doesn’t work with NOLO

RiftCat: wireless streaming

Streaming Resolution