Q: What headsets are NOLO compatible with?

A: NOLO is compatible with major mobile VR headsets. We are also compatible with PCVR's (OSVR HDK2, Pimax 4K, Oculus DK2 and Laputa VR), PSVR and some all-in-one devices powered by NibiruOS. And there will be more.


Q: What is the requirement for PC?

A: Please refer to the recommended / minimum configuration for PC.
Recommended configuration
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
CPU: Intel i7-4790 / AMD R5 1600 or greater
System memory: 8GB RAM or more
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290 or greater
Minimum configuration
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
CPU: Intel i5-4590 / AMD FX8350
System memory: 4GB RAM
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650Ti or AMD Radeon R7 360


Q: What are the positioning specs of NOLO?

A: The specs are as follows:
Positioning precision: <2mm
Positioning latency: <20ms
Positioning range: FOV 100° 5.3m
Positioning frequency: 60Hz
Please note - there might be slight latency due to the operating environment or lower configuration of computers; we recommend streaming with USB 3.0 cables / 5G routers to reduce image transmission latency. 


Q: What is Riftcat?

A: Riftcat is a streaming software that we partner with - in order to stream the SteamVR games from PC display to smartphone screen.


Q: What is TrinusVR?

A: TrinusVR is a streaming software that streaming the scenes on the PC to smartphone screen.


Q: How to play with SteamVR?

A: With NOLO kit, you could be immersed in SteamVR games by adopting either option:
i. Standard mobile VR headset and smartphone - For Android, Riftcat or iVRy is needed; For iOS, TrinusVR or iVRy is needed;
ii. PCVR headset and VR-ready PC - Please refer to NOLO CV1 Product Manual for detailed instruction
(Link: https://www.nolovr.com/user-guide-en).


Q: What would be the recommended play area setup to play NOLO?

A:  NOLO offers a positioning range of 5.3m from a base station of 100° Field-of-View. Here are the recommended play area settings:
i. Base station is placed at shoulder level;
ii. Stand facing base station, the initial distance between base station and the player should be at least 2m (with no block in the middle). No objects near or within the activity area (i.e. applies to areas about 1m to both left and right of the player, about 2.7m to the back of the player);
iii. Valid tracking area would be broader as the player stands farther from base station;
iv. No reflective objects facing the base station;
v. No other running motors in the area;
vi. No other similar VR devices in use at the moment (ultrasonic / laser devices such as HTV Vive, other NOLO sets, etc.);

vii. Keep off the hi-power wireless emission devices, such as hi-power wireless router, complex wireless environment;
viii. Tracking will be lost if there is block in between base station and controller / headset marker. 


Q: Does NOLO support 360° tracking?

A: At this stage, NOLO does not support 360° tracking natively; while we offer two solutions:
sol 1. Double-click menu button on one of the controllers for '180° turn around';
sol 2. Ceiling mode (i.e. base station mounted on the ceiling) - it offers a 360° playable area being tracked; and theoretical (optimal) height of ceiling is at 2.5m ~ 5m, the effective tracking area therefore might be affected by the actual height of ceiling;
Please note -

In ceiling mode, the reference direction is set as the direction that system button of base station is pointing in; please calibrate the controller orientation pointing in reference direction (i.e. no need to point to the ceiling);

The tracking precision would not be different from Normal mode (front-facing). While tracking lost might be frequent because of the block of tracking beacon on the devices by the player him/herself during the play, according to the player's behavior while lowering head (tracking beacon on the headset marker might be blocked) or keep hands straight (tracking beacon on the controller might be blocked). 


Q: How to complete the NOLO room setup?

A: Please refer to the following steps:
Step 1. Place the headset (with headset marker mounted) on the
floor facing base station; base station is at about shoulder level and the distance between base station and the player should be at least 2m (with no block in the middle);
Step 2. Press the pair button on the headset marker. 


Q: How to calibrate the controller orientation?

A: Please refer to the following steps:
Step 1. Stand facing base station, the distance between base station and the player should be at least 2m (with no block in the middle);
Step 2. With headset marker and controllers facing base station,
double-click system button on each controller respectively. 


Q: What is the requirement for OSVR recenter feature?

A: The recenter feature of the official software requires Visual C++ 2015 32 bit environment. Please download and install the environment manually if it is not on your computer (Download link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145).


Q: What if problems occur during installation of Riftcat?

A: Please cancel installation and re-install Riftcat; update or re-install the video card driver.


Q: How to setup smartphone as the audio output with Riftcat?

A: Click Settings in Riftcat (on PC) > Click Other Settings > Choose Audio Streaming.


Q: What if the display is shaky?

A: If there is shaking in display, there might be the following issues:
i. The pairing process was unsuccessful or incorrect, please try pairing the devices again;
ii. Base station / controllers ran out of battery, please charge the devices;
iii. Insufficient power supply from the computer usb port, please connect to a powered usb hub;
Besides, it may also be caused by the interference of playground
environment settings (e.g. strong light source, intense noise, etc.). You might install 'NOLO Tetris' (an Android application) and move to a different environment with NOLO devices connected, to examine whether the same issue happens. If it is not happening, this would most likely be an environment setting issue, please continue playing in an appropriate environment. Otherwise please contact our support team at support@nolovr.com.


Q: Why would latency occur?

A: For GearVR, we used its built-in gyroscope; there is no drift and the latency would be low;
For Cardboard style headsets, the initial tracking position would be drifted because of the gyro drifted caused by smartphone heating while playing. So we replaced the gyro with the one within NOLO headset marker; in this way it may result in some latency.


Q: I have got connecting issues with the 4-meter cable.

A: It is most likely due to the lack of sufficient power supply for the 4-meter cable. It may also be the compatibility issue with Window 7; please update the OS to Windows 10 if possible.



Official support contact: support@nolovr.com



Mobile VR Mode


Q: What is the requirement for smartphone?

A: Please refer to the recommended / minimum configuration for
Recommended configuration
Must-have: accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, USB OTG
Display resolution: 2K or greater
CPU: Snapdragon 808 or greater
System memory: 4GB RAM or more
Minimum configuration
Must-have: accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, USB OTG
CPU: Snapdragon 616
System memory: 2GB RAM


Q: What headset is NOLO compatible with?

Most major VR headsets, except for the old Gear VR (i.e. 2015 or earlier).

Specific questions about GearVR:

Version w/ USB Port (Innovator edition, latest Gear VR 2)– works with NOLO

Version w/o USB Port – Doesn’t work with NOLO