Use Gear VR to Play Steam VR Games

Video Guide:YouTube

Step 1:Download and install the NOLO driver for Windows from NOLO official website ( , and RiftCat software from RiftCat official website ( Then download VRidge for Gear VR from

Step 2:Take out the base station. And place it horizontally on a flat surface, facing the play area. The optimal height is at your shoulder level. Turn on the base station by pressing the power button.

Step 3:Choose the mount that fits your headset, and paste it in the middle on top of the headset using the double-sided adhesive tape. Take out the headset marker and insert it onto the mount.

Step 4:Take out the 4-meter Steam VR Cable. And connect the headset marker with PC using the black cable.

Step 5:Run NOLO driver for Windows on PC, right click the NOLO icon on the task bar, choose “Gear VR” in the RiftCat/Trinus column.

Step 6:Ensure that PC and the smartphone are in the same Wi-Fi network. Run RiftCat on PC and VRidge for Gear VR on the smartphone. Complete pairing according to prompts. Insert the smartphone into the Gear VR.

Step 7:In RiftCat settings, choose “Phone orientation and FreeTrack position” for the Tracking option. Then click “Play SteamVR Games” on RiftCat to start.

Step 8:Place the headset horizontally on a flat surface within the tracking area, then press the pair button on the headset marker to complete the Steam VR Room Setup.

Step 9:Turn on the controllers by pressing the system button. Put on the headset (with headset marker mounted). With headset marker and controllers facing the base station, double-click the system button on any controller to calibrate the orientation.

Step 10:Choose a Steam VR game on PC and enjoy NOLO.