NOLO Motion Tracking System is the unique brainchild of LYRobotix, consisting of one base station, one headset marker and two controllers.

NOLO can be conducted on major mobile VR headsets, PC VR headsets, All-in-One VR headsets and AR headsets on the market, and offers them room-scale, 6-DOF motion tracking. With a few simple settings, users can freely explore and interact in the virtual world.


NOLO is dedicated to creating a bridge between the immersive experience of PC VR and the convenience of mobile VR and redefining the mobile VR interaction for the next generation.

So far, NOLO is not only compatible with almost 87 million market stock of different mobile VR headsets in the world, but also developing cooperation globally with many PC VR, All-in-One VR and AR companies.

NOLO significantly enhances the gaming experiences on PC VR, Mobile VR, and All-in-One VR by enabling room-scale position tracking and interactivity.

In addition, NOLO is the only one bringing the Steam VR interaction to smartphones. With access to thousands of high-quality game titles available on Steam VR, we hope our users are able to get more from NOLO, play more and explore more.