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NOLO X1 6DoF VR一体机:你的第一台VR游戏机


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“玩得起 放不下”的NOLO X1 VR一体机值得买吗

2020年6月 1日,NOLO X1正式发售,作为NOLO VR第一款从头显到定位装置一体化的产品,不仅保留了原本定位技术兼容的血统,还进一步在一体机和PC VR上作出了突破,让NOLO X1能够跨游戏平台体验,还不需要花费数倍的消费成本。

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专注VR交互技术,NOLO VR完成亿元级A+轮融资

近日,VR交互科技公司NOLO VR宣布完成亿元级A+轮融资,本轮融资由愉悦资本领投,蓝驰创投、盛景嘉成跟投,融资将主要用于VR交互技术的持续深耕和商业化拓展。

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MetroVR Studios Announces International Product Launch and Distribution Partnership with NOLO™ VR Co, Ltd.
PR Newswire2018.6.21

MetroVR Studios, Inc. (MVRS) a Boston-based immersive VR game developer and NOLO VR Co., Ltd the parent company of the NOLO HOME™ Mobile VR Application Platform, are pleased to announce they have a signed an international distribution agreement.

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Full Version of NOLO Home Now Available

Many commentators on virtual reality (VR) are of the belief that six degrees of freedom, or 6DoF represents the most immersive and realistic experience that modern VR can provide. To cater to this, NOLO VR have launched the full version of its NOLO Home content platform for 6DoF content.

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NOLO VR Completes $10 Million Series A Financing Led by BlueRun Ventures

Nolo VR, the China-based company behind the 6DOF mobile tracking system Nolo CV1, today announced they have successfully completed a $10 million Series A financing round. The Series A was led by the Menlo Park-based BlueRun Ventures, and included Nigeria-based Lotus Capital. Previously, Nolo VR had secured financing from Lotus Capital and Galileo Capital.

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NOLO Partner With Media Kobo To Expand Into Japan

NOLO entered the virtual reality (VR) scene with the launch of its 6DoF mobile VR hardware product, the NOLO CV1 and its content delivery platform NOLO Home. The company is now teaming up with Media Kobo Inc. to expand its reach into Japan.

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NOLO Home 6DoF VR Beta Application Now Available To Download
Geeky Gadgets2018.2.1

After creating their original NOLO CV1 virtual reality platform thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, NOLO have this week announced and unveiled a new virtual reality platform that is capable of providing six degrees-of-freedom and is called the NOLO Home. The original NOLO CV1 units are now available to purchase from online retailers such as Amazon priced at $199.

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NOLO VR Roomscale Mobile VR Solution Meets Funding Goal

NOLO VR is an inexpensive solution for bringing room-scale virtual reality (VR) to mobile VR devices such as Google Cardboard. The designers behind the project, LYRobotix launched a Kickstarter campaign in January that has since succeeded in meeting its funding goal.

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Nolo is a phone-based SteamVR Project that Kickstarter backers love
Digital Trends2017.2.17

Who says virtual reality has to be virtually inaccessible? Certainly not Nolo, the company behind a motion tracking system created for mobile VR gaming that is trying to bring down the often astronomical price tag associated with headsets so that more people are able to enjoy the experience.

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Homido/Nolo/Riftcat: Mobile positional tracking is now a reality

Our partner Nolo is introducing the first Homido-compatible mobile positional tracking system and is providing access to SteamVR content

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Nolo 6DoF Mobile VR Tracking System Reaches Crowdfunding Goal Within Hours
Tom's hardware2017.1.31

There appears to be a lot of demand for a low-cost six degrees of freedom (6DoF) tracking system with hand controllers for budget VR. Who knew?

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LYRobotix NOLO Brings PC Control To Mobile VR
Android Headlines2017.1.06

Using a Bluetooth controller with a Cardboard headset and PPSSPP or using VRidgeand SteamVR are both awesome, but the lack of truly immersive, PC-style controls is a problem that most VR gamers agree somebody should solve, and LYRobotix wants to be the one to solve it.

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NOLO VR Promises $99 Positional Tracking and SteamVR Gaming on Any Mobile VR Headsete

NOLO VR is an intriguing Lighthouse-like positional tracking system designed to bring ‘room scale’ positional tracking and motion controls to mobile VR headsets. On top of that, the company is claiming SteamVR ‘compatibility’ through remote play via Riftcat’s VRidge software, all with an expected launch price of $99.

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Affordable Room-Scale Mobile VR Arrives with NOLO Motion Tracking System

VR developers LYRobotix have announced a brand new motion tracking system that brings room-scale virtual reality and motion-tracking to smartphones for the first time. For just $89 you get the entire Nolo Motion Tracking System, consisting of a single base station (Much like an HTC Vive Lighthouse or Oculus Sensor), a headset marker that mounts to your chosen device and fully-detectable motion controllers. It’s simple, it’s affordable and it may just be the next big step in mobile VR.

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Lyrobotix Merges Ultrasonic and Lighthouse-like Tech for Portable Positional VR Tracking

Lyrobotix is developing a portable outside-in positional tracking system for mobile VR headsets that uses a combination of ultrasonic and Lighthouse-like tracking.