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The World's First-ever 6-DoF Mobile VR Application Platform for Smartphone

A short intro of 6-DoF tracking: 

With 6-DoF tracking, you would be able to actively move around and to get more immersive interactions in the VR world than 3-DoF, such as picking stuff on the floor, slashing on the beat, etc. Simply put, if waiving a wand in reality, you could see the moves got synced in the virtual world precisely.  

As a 6-DoF mobile VR content distrbuting platform, NOLO HOME offers 6-DoF mobile VR games in Gear VR version (supports Gear VR) and Cardboard version (supports Cardboard style headsets). Games are also categoried to specific genres. Find out your headset model and select a game to play! It also includes comprehensive payment system for customers to purchase favorable games and for developers to receive profit. 


Virtual World in Your Pocket

Regarding VR as 360° video viewer? Not any more. Turn your Cardboard or Gear VR or other mobile VR headset into a portal for fantastic immersive experience with movement and interaction! 

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