Shipping Process


Estimated Time of Arrival

Which round of shipping am I in?


  • Kickstarter backers - Completed the Survey with phone number and address before 31th May.


  • Kickstarter backers - Completed the Survey with phone number and address before 24th June.
  • Pre-Order Customers - Purchased before 24th June.

Third-round shipment:

  • Kickstarter backers - Completed the Survey with phone number and address before 4th July.
  • Pre-Order Customers - Purchased before 4th July.

* Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time (PST).


Why haven’t I receive the tracking number?

For overseas shipments, we work with a fulfillment partner to help us shipping NOLO to most countries.

The tracking number will be generated when express company collected the package (after Clearance), and we'll send it to you immediately after express company gives us.


If you're a Kickstarter backer, please check your survey and update your phone number, we need both your detailed shipping address and phone number for the shipment.

Please log in to Kickstarter, click 'View Pledge' page, then click 'Survey' to update the phone number for us. Once your shipping information is complete, we'll arrange your shipment ASAP.


My Shipping status haven't been updated for a few days.

Sometimes the shipping status will not update in time. Please don’t worry, if your package meet with any delivery problem, we’ll contact you immediately.


I already received NOLO, but where is my headset?

Because of some customs policies, our fulfillment partner suggested us to send NOLO and the headset separately

We will send the headset 3-5 days after NOLO. We will provide you the tracking number after Customs Clearance.


Why do I need to provide additional delivery information?

Mostly it’s because the local customs have some special requirements, or your shipping information is not detailed enough. We'll email you for the shipping information we need to make sure the NOLO will be delivered in time.

  • Please use English to fill the shipping information.
  • Phone number is Required.
  • Japan Customer: 日本のお客様はお届け先を日本語で書いてください
  • Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau Customer: 中國大陸、台灣、香港及澳門客戶,請使用简/繁体中文填寫收貨信息(台灣海關規定,清關必需使用中文收件人和地址信息)


Which way is the best way to ask for my shipping status?

As a startup with a fairly small team, we haven’t been the most efficient in terms of customer service. We'll keep improving and implementing better customer service along the way.

If you have any question, please contact us at, we will get back to you within 3 business days.

In order to answer all the questions more effectively, please communicate with us via one channel only. Our customer support email should be the most direct way to do so.


What should I do if my package meet with any problem?

If your package meet with any problem, we'll contact you immediately.

If we consider that your package may be lost, we'll send you a new unit ASAP. However if you receive the original one (which is considered as lost), please reject the package so the express company will return the package to us directly.


I will not be home / I want to change shipping address.

The most efficient way is to contact the express company by yourself to arrange another delivery, or you could send an email to us (, and we'll submit your requirement to the express company.

In addition, you could find the contact information from their website.