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The Motion Tracking System Created For VR Gaming

The NOLO tracking system consists of a base station, a headset marker, and two controllers that seamlessly work with your mobile phone.

Our team created NOLO with a vision to make the benefits of technology available to all walks of life. We believe that mobile VR is the perfect platform because of its affordability and ease of use.

Turn Any Mobile Headset into a Front-Facing Room Scale System

From Google Cardboard to Samsung Gear VR, our motion tracking system is compatible with most VR mobile headsets and Android phones.




Compatible With Major Android

Phones and VR Headsets





The Only One Bringing the Steam VR Interaction to Smartphones

Compatible With Mobile and PC VR
We decided to have NOLO work with Steam VR games because the mobile VR games in the market are currently still in development. With our special technology, we can make Steam VR game play available to everyone. We hope our users are able to get more from NOLO, play more, and explore more.
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4 Simple Steps to Start Your Adventure


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Play Steam VR Games on PC

Play Mobile VR Games on Smartphone


Providing SDK to Unlock Thousands of Possibilities

We wanted to help developers bring out the full potential of their imagination and create the best games by providing our SDK and plenty of developer support.

Compatible with


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